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New Threat Arises in a Flash

Flash Rob Mobs

The following report recently appeared in Security Management (10/01/11) Vol. 55, No. 10, P. 20 Purvis, Carlton (U.S.A.)

The National Retail Federation’s (NRF) July survey of multiple offender crimes revealed that 10 percent of retailers have experienced a “flash rob,” a burglary style based on the flash mob phenomenon born from social networking. The survey found that of the retailers that had been victimized, half experienced repeat incidents. The survey also found that young males were most commonly involved in flash robs. The NRF is requesting heavier criminal penalties for participants, feeling that the premeditative nature qualifies for a consideration of felony charges in some cases, while Montgomery County, Md., lawmakers are striving to introduce legislation aimed at crimes perpetrated by mobs. The NRF advises retailers to be proactive in preventing such crimes by scanning social networking sites for possible clues and by training staff to recognize and handle a flash mob situation. Retailers should also share information with other organizations about potentially troublesome flash mobs, and should preserve any evidence that may exist after an incident involving a flash mob takes place, the NRF said.

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PSN commentary: 
It used to be that such developments in the U.S. took up to ten years before it caught on in thr E.U. Until recently this lead time was about 2 years. Now with the internet it is getting even faster. The internet, like any other facilitating tool of convenience is a double edged sword. How long before Flash Mobs and organised retail raids in Finland and the E.U. ?

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Please send us details if you are aware of any such cases already occurring in Finland and the E.U.

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