Hello and welcome to the blogsite for Pahkis

On these introductory pages you will find blogs, links to related information related security and risk management. Ranging from practical self-defence and personal security management training to security supervisionconflict interventionloss prevention and security management in general, there should be something of interest here for security professionals, security educators and the general public alike.

Pahkis is a member and contributor to the Personal Security Network website for which, below is an extract from the PSN website of our interests and activities.


We are keen martial arts enthusiasts, particularly the more flowing and softer internal arts. Below are some of our favorite martial art related Web sites:


include but not limited to:

  • Martial arts (E.g. Liikan JitsuKyusho , Wing Chun),   Tai Chi), Kali/Escrima etc.), ‘Iron Shirt‘ Kung Fu ),
  • horse riding, swimming, sailing, cycling, urban (free style) running, archery & knife throwing, canoeing,  meditation & energy healing (NEW), shiatsu & kiatsu (Kyusho-Jitsu Kuatsu & Basic Techniques) , biology.
  • criminology (e.g. victimology & offender profiling), security management, conflict intervention & management, psychology (sports and applied business psychology & communication skills, NLP, coaching & peak performance (fitness & conditioning) skills etc, …


We have read and can recommend the following books:

  • Bullying: From Backyard to Boardroom
  • Understanding Violence and Victimization
  • Offender Profiling and Crime Analysis
  • Crime Victims: an Introduction to Victimology (Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice Series.)

Videos & TV:

Some of our favourite videos / programmes / film stars include:

  • Jacky ChanJet LiSteven SeagalBruce Lee.
  • Myth Busters
  • Derren Brown

Music – Our music interests are varied, but in particular we follow some of our local bands, particularly of course, those in which some of our members play in:

  • The Rock Masters Band, Species, BreezeTelefon Combo, Trinity, Volume, Zen Café
  • GenesisPink Floyd;  Queen; Elton John; Tony Joe White; Eric Clapton, Frank Zapper, Jimy Hendrix, Marillion etc,…

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