Article: Report: 22-Year-Old Muslim Migrants in Canadian School “Hitting on 14-15 Year Old Girls”

Report: 22-Year-Old Muslim Migrants in Canadian School “Hitting on 14-15 Year Old Girls”

Not just about ISIL, but a whole culture and borders between (incompatible) civilisations. Education is the key but that is a long term social prevention strategy that is wasted on all but a few of those already well and truly indoctrinated in the ways of a medieval society.  If the immediate prolems can be contained, then all well and good but, to those who promote PC’ism so recklessly, they should shut up or first put their own children where their mouth is. We are trying to help a people save themselves from themselves. To what extent can this really be done? With how many can it be acheived? With which ones can it be done? These questions are key not just for risks of ISIL sympathies, but also a culture focused risk assessment and security screening process to determine acceptability and integration processes required to minimise risks at a level acceptable to the general public who are most likely to get ‘shot by association’. Security screening is an integral part of many job recruitment and selection processes just as are security checks for terrorist associations, particularly when it involves working with children. Why should immigration and asylum application checks in respect to the cultural aspects be any different?


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An academic and professional educator, specialising in security and risk management. 50 something, but still able to run circles around my much younger students. A student of the martial arts, not a master stylist. (30 years in practice, 25 years as an instructor). Open minded with a policy of continual learning in both my personal & professional life. Understanding and respectful of establishments, traditions and conventions, but not a follower. Somewhat balded but unbowed. Bearded, but not a 'goaty'. Often been seen imitating a store mannequin (Experience security supervisor and guard / store detective) Not religious (more of an atheist / agnostic really) , but do engage in 'spiritual practices' and believe in 'Live & Let Live', mostly by doing unto others as I would have done unto myself.

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